Life doesn’t have to be this hard, woman.  #BoldBabes are shedding all the mind noise and negative self talk to bravely listen and lean into a life that fires. them. Up.

About the Bold Babe Collective

The Bold Babe collective is a supportive and empowering community for women who are seeking clarity and courage to create a life that energizes and celebrates who they really are.  As ambitious women, when we find ourselves in demanding home or business environments, we sometimes struggle and lose ourselves to the need to please or the need to be perfect.  If we can create our own sense of calm, and invite ourselves to show up authentically, then we can create a life that is wholly ours.  Bold Babes seeks to create a new space for women to feel safe, excited and supported in Mastering Self Love and creating a Successful Life on your terms.

About Megan

When I lost my partner of 9 years, I totally lost my sense of direction and confidence along with it.  I spent three years trying a number of not-so-great tactics to recover my sense of wholeness…like being a perfectionist at work, seeking validation from others, and numbing out with Netflix + social media.

I didn’t feel good enough, and it followed me wherever I went – in my relationships, in my job, even as a dancer (which was supposed to be fun).  I was exhausted from trying to keep up with it all.  At one point I just hit a limit – my body started shutting down from prolonged stressed.  I decided I couldn’t keep putting up with this lifestyle.  Something had to change.

I decided to do something truly Bold: to make my well-being my #1 priority.

It was no small feat.  I got well by working with therapists, hiring life coaches, going on a 5 month Eat-Pray-Love style trip, and even getting trained as a Life Coach myself.  

Once I had the right support, my life completely transformed in about 6 months.  My confidence came blossoming back, I built a solid group of friends, met an incredible man, and launched my own business impacting a Mission that matters to me (yup, Bold Babe).

It honestly felt like a miracle.

I believe miracles are possible for you too. 

It is my Mission to support women through the messy process of shedding old conditioning, rebuilding your confidence and creating a deeply fulfilling life…and making the process easy, ENJOYABLE, relieving, empowering and utterly freeing.

I believe that happy, empowered women naturally radiate joy and positive change on the world – and it’s my mission to support this being possible, 1 Babe at a time.

I can’t wait to watch you Rise,

XO Megan