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Bold Babe Bootcamp

Your Guide to Loving the Skin You’re in

+ Mastering Personal Power #BoldAF

Bold Babe Bootcamp is for you deep feelers and fiery spirits who have lost touch with who you are.  It often happens during periods of transition – a rejection, a broken heart, a job that didn’t work out, a fizzling relationship…or maybe you’ve been carrying around this thought for a long time that you’re just “too much” or “not enough”

Rather than listening to and trusting your innate gifts and lovability, you have learned to shame who you are, shrink back and stay small.  

It’s a high stakes game when you tie your self worth to how you look, how helpful you can be, or what you can achieve.  You spin up trying to control and be good at all the things and chameleon yourself to make others happy and get the validation/love you deeply crave.  The rollercoaster is exhausting.  Your soul is gasping for fresh air.  You’re trapped in being a human doing instead of a human being!!   

Sound familiar? 

I wouldn’t be surprised, more and more women are being drawn to Bold Babe like a lighthouse for this reason.

You can practically taste this alternative life you could be having.  It comes in intuitive hits and visions – you see something and it’s almost like you can remember the life you had or could have.  One where you give way less fucks about what others think about you, you are drawing in loving and energizing relationships, and you are having so much fun being Bold and living a life that matters to you.

We all need a giant reBoot button every once in a while.

A return to what’s REAL, where you remember the edges of your skin, the wholeness of your spirit, and the direction of your feet.  You feel afraid to be Naked with yourself, but at the same time feel this burst for freedom, love, and the ease of a simpler time.

Here are the 3 Core Challenges Bold Babes face…

  1. Self Doubt:  You never feel like you’re good enough

  2. Confusion:  You have a hard time making decisions, and you’re tired of being stuck in analysis paralysis 

  3. Fear of Change:  You shrink back because you’re afraid of making mistakes and losing control.  

And because of this, you may be doing one of the 3P’s to cope:

  1. People Pleasing  

  2. Perfecting

  3. Procrastinating (or numbing/avoidance) 

These tactics can feel good in the moment but they are actually maladaptive behaviors that ironically keep you STUCK in the 3 challenges on REPEAT.

This Bootcamp is the for the Babe who is ready to…

  1.  Feel at home and Confident in your own skin (flaws and all)

  2.  Get intuitively clear on what you Desire, and breathe a sigh of fucking relief over releasing the need to Please

  3. Feel the fiery Joy of standing in your Power outside of your comfort zone and creating a life you’re excited to wake up to

This bootcamp will completely restock your fire, your direction and trust in yourself to walk your divine path.  

How it Works

Bootcampers are assembling in a private Facebook Group that gives you an all access pass to live video Masterclasses and Bold Babe Challenges over the course of 8 weeks.  You get access to coursework materials for Life so you can review them any time.

You will be changing from the Inside Out (dissolving mental barriers) and the Outside In (taking tangible new action in your life that builds confidence and changes shit in the life you actually have)

Warning:  Do not join this bootcamp unless you like to have fun and be creative. Bootcamp is about loving your ass, not kicking your ass.

Module 1: Love that b*tch

[Stop doubting yourself]

Week 1:  Your fragmented self

Week 2:  Your odd but loving roommate

Week 3:  Kill your darlings

Module 2: Tune your Inner Compass

[Get Crystal Clear on your Direction]

Week 4:  Know what’s in your yard

Week 5:  Your inner Masculine/Feminine

Module 3: Get Bold AF 

[Manifest the Dream Life that Calls]

Week 6:  Be your own Muse

Week 7:  Interview for your life

Week 8:  Bold AF Comfort Zone Fly List


$555 early bird

$777 VIP (includes 1 Breakthrough call)

Payment option available for VIP


Course starts January 28th

BONUS Week for early birds starts January 23rd

Expect to dedicate around 2 hours per week (all can be done at your convenience, even the Live trainings can be replayed)


Can you imagine if you were the one making your life hard and it didn’t actually have to be that way?

Lucky for you, I simply refuse to let women settle for lives that they don’t love – so come ride on my coat tails.

Tell me What’s Included

Hi, my name is Megan, 

I’m a divorcee and recovering people pleaser/perfectionist who mentors women on how to legitimately love themselves (flaws and all), and build a life that makes them feel powerful and ALIVE as the woman they were always meant to be.  You can think of me as something like a spiritual doula who helps women birth their true selves, while also armoring them with hella tools for ensuring you thrive through the reality of this sometimes harsh human world.

Bold Babe was born out of a vision for supporting women through the messy process of rebirthing their true selves.  It is only by being your true self that you can connect to your gifts and purpose, feel at peace with yourself & be available for true love that lasts.  

I did my rebirth process by hiring therapists, life coaches, quitting my corporate job, going on a $25K eat-pray-love style trip, going through a very painful breakup and getting trained as a life coach.  

Now it is my mission to reach as many women as possible to make this process easy, ENJOYABLE, relieving, empowering and utterly freeing.  I believe that happy, empowered women naturally radiate joy and positive change on the world – and it’s my mission to support this being possible, 1 Babe at a time.