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We have 30 Babes participating! I’m so excited. If you want to check out the action, join us in the Bold Babe Collective Facebook group. We started today 🙂 Facebook Lives for the challenge are daily at noon.

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Do you ever feel like life is happening TO you instead of you being in the drivers seat?

It can be so draining and frustrating to feel like what you want is always out of reach.

Whether it’s in your career life, your relationship life, or you’re just feeling stuck and ready for a breakthrough to feel more confident and powerful,

I’ve been there, and I’m going to help you.

The 5 Day #PowerBack challenge is a super simple guided empowerment process that will get you unblocked and stepping into your future like the boss you are.  It’s all about…

  • Getting clear on what positive changes you want to see in your life
  • Believing it’s possible
  • Embodying the highest version of yourself that will get you there
  • Having fun and seeing that things don’t need to be this hard.  Making a change is actually the EASY route.  When you’re on the other side you’ll ask yourself why you waited this long.

How it works

You’ll need about 15 minutes per day for 5 days (April 15-19) to complete the Challenge.  Every day I’ll send you a daily guide with some personal coaching from me, along with a prompt for self-reflection and a challenging bold action that will get you stepping into your power.  I will also be in the Bold Babe Collective Facebook group daily to support you through the process and do Q&A to ensure everything is clicking for you.

Everyone who completes all 5 days of the challenge per the instructions will win $200 to apply toward coaching support with me (you can use this toward 1-1 coaching, group coaching classes, events, Masterclasses)! We start April 15th and end with the Bold Babe Happy Hour on the 19th in Seattle!

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Sis, here’s the Truth:  Your biggest limits to having the life you want are limits that are self imposed

I can only say that because I’ve been there!!

We get really good at telling ourselves we don’t deserve better and defining what we can and cannot have

Or that it isn’t the right time

But those limits are you keeping you caged, my love, and it’s all a bunch of BS you don’t need anymore

My name is Megan.  

I created this from my heart to yours, remembering what it was like (many times in my life) to feel unaligned and flipping ready for a change but feeling STUCK.  

This is a part of the same framework I used to overhaul my love life and my career life (from burntout 9-5 Microsoft Manager to business owner + dance teacher).

I was super depressed and became obsessed with figuring out how to create a life that was actually worth living

I studied top empowerment and manifestation coaches, and got certified as a Life & Wellness coach.

And I’m crazy excited to share this with others and see the breakthroughs my clients are getting as I help them custom apply it to their lives.

Megan | Bold Babe Collective

I’m so excited to be offering this 5 Day Challenge for free because it’s a seriously powerful mind hack that will FINALLY get the wheels moving…

…on something that’s been holding you back for a while.

And girl, you know the Law of Inertia, an object in motion stays in motion.

Whether you’re envisioning a life with more freedom, love or peace of mind, you deserve it all and there are ACTUALLY steps you can take to HAVE those things in your life.

I am being 100% serious, and the girl inside of you that dreams of a different life wants to be taken seriously too.

Change is natural, and it doesn’t need to be burdensome or scary.

It can be fun and empowering.  

Bold Babes are ambitious, creative women who know when it’s time to shed old skin and step toward fresh destiny.  

It’s exciting to think what could be on the other side of change.

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