//Bold Babe Blog 001 – Bold, the Antidote to Stuckness and Perfectionism

Behind the Scenes from a recovering Perfectionist in month 4 of launching my own Business, and what’s coming up next in the Bold Babe Blog


Bold Babe sort of phoenix-ed out of me in the fall of 2017

after getting a divorce, leaving Microsoft, breaking my heart…

and, most critically,

confronting my own demons

and owning how I was creating my own circumstances


Bold Babe was who I needed to become

in order to free myself from self-imposed limits

that I used to feel in control

Things like perfectionism, procrastination, numbing out, blaming others and people pleasing

that were making me miserable and also impacting the people I loved

Bold Babe was a practice

That led me to shed old skin

Learned to 360 degree know and love who I really am (flaws and all)

and got excited about my ability to create a life that fit the real me


Since launching Bold Babe Collective

The most perfectly perfect, ironic and hilarious challenge

has been this comical start/stop battle between selves

An old circuit around being perfect and “safe”, while striving to embody and be BOLD

I mean HELLO, Bold Babe Collective?

I want to live the message

And, I would be on my ass as a new business owner

if I demanded perfect out of everything I create for  BBC


There is just no room for the paralysis of “Perfect”

I had to start letting that shit go

I needed to take a very clear stand for who I am, what I’m about, and how I am here to help

Even amidst the fear of being judged

I had to do it for myself and for others searching for healing,

and it has been one of the biggest challenges and gifts of envisioning and launching BBC


I truly believe life delivers us the perfect storm of circumstances

To make us see, experience and grow in the exact ways we need to

In order to level up

And find our inner peace, power, and happy again

and do our part to restore those same things to the communities we touch (family, friends, coworkers)


It’s been a long journey,

And while I still sort of feel like little a stumbly Bambi learning how to walk,

it’s all about the practice




That’s what Bold Babe is really about

It’s a practice of getting back up when we fall,

and seeing ourselves as powerful, capable beings

It’s a practice of being willing to risk the uncertain,

and saying Yes to opportunities that excite your spirit even when you’re afraid

It’s a practice of saying No,

and setting boundaries that actually make things function better

It’s about being REAL,

instead of faking it or modifying yourself in fear of not being accepted

It’s about taking ownership of how you create your own circumstances,

And staying present to your every opportunity to shape your life to meet what you really value most


Being Bold is about having the willingness to risk the uncertain

To risk failing

In order to open new doors of possibility

and take ownership of the limits and standards that we accept for ourselves


So many people crave FREEDOM

But don’t see how they imprison themselves


Awareness +  Boldness is your ticket out.



Awareness – knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.

Being aware is about waking up to the facts of your situation, and identifying your opportunity for new beliefs and actions


Boldness -willingness to take risks and act innovatively; confidence or courage.

Boldness is about intentionally risking changing your circumstances by taking new action




Boldness is relative

What you perceive requires courage is different from what I perceive requires courage

And it is also a target that changes over time

I get scared of going on Live video in the BBC Facebook group and looking like an idiot

You might be scared of asking your boss for something – time off, a raise, a new project, an office, a promotion

Or figuring out how to meet a life partner

It’s all about becoming AWARE of the truths – the true risk, the true reason you’ve been avoiding taking action

and owning our ability to move outside of our comfort zone, through BOLD courageous action

Boldness builds confidence with practice

And what was once scary moves to the rear view mirror

And it is so Fcking freeing.


So, for my fellow Perfectionistas out there

or anyone feeling STUCK in a life or situation that isn’t working for them anymore

Bold is your antidote

Because it’s about trusting, and letting go of control

Let yourself choose to be uncomfortable sometimes

as an opportunity for growth and expansion


Questions for you

Is there a re-occuring challenge that gets in the way of you being, enjoying or having all that you want in life?

If this challenge were literally being served up to you on PURPOSE, what would be the opportunity be to be bold and grow?

What keeps you from accepting the challenge?

What benefit do you receive by choosing not to be bold?

What are the consequences?




How Bold Babe helps Babes be Bold (Men are Babes, too!)

  1.  Bold Life Coaching (1 on 1 mentorship)
  2.  Facebook Community (online, free, this one is ladies only)
  3.  Instagram (inspo)
  4.  Events
  5.  Blog


1.  Bold Life Coaching

Sometimes we reach that point where we feel stuck, and life just isn’t working for us anymore

It’s time to shed old skin

You deserve to LOVE your life, and not just tolerate it

Your time and energy are too precious to be wasted settling for a life that is anything less than a full expression of your gifted, radiant self

You don’t need to convince yourself (and others) that you are okay with a life that deep down doesn’t work for you


Bold Life Coaching helps clients build the personal power, freedom and confidence to create a life you are excited to wake up to

I help you embrace the most authentic and empowered version of yourself,

uncover what’s been holding you back,

and build a personal roadmap of mindset and habits that

make designing a life on your terms a daily joy


Are you a candidate for Bold Life Coaching?

It is REALLY hard to know what we are swimming in

How your world view, your mindset, your fears, your beliefs, your habits

All influence your experience

And how you can actually block yourself from having the life you want

If you’re sick of feeling like the life you want is out of reach,

you know in your gut that you could use some help

and you’re ready to be brave AF in trying new things

because that’s the only way anything every changes

you might be a good candidate for Bold Life Coaching

Trust your intuition.

I’m currently accepting applications for new clients and have 2 spots open.

Email me at hey@boldbabecollective.com to get the ball rolling.


2.  Get to your personal Next Level! Join the BBC Facebook tribe

Bold Babe Collective has a free private Facebook group for anyone ready to unleash their inner Bold Babe!

This group is high vibe but also keeping it real, not afraid to talk about the hard shit we’re Bold Babing our way through

Join here.


3. Get inspired! Follow BBC Instagram



4.  Connect with other BBs! Join the Bold Babe Meetup Group

Do you live in Seattle or plan to visit the area? Stay in the know on upcoming Bold Babe Events by joining theBold Babe Meetup group!

These are aimed to be some combination of:  fun + adventure + creativity + connection + networking + real friendships + personal growth.


5.  Subscribe to the Bold Babe Blog to see BBC behind the scenes + receive golden tools for Bold Babe living in your inbox

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How to Get out of your own Damn Way (so you can Stop Playing Small and have the Life you REALLY want)






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